It's a completely unique device for entertainment and sports

For mastering wakeboarding, water skiing and other skating equipment

Versatile device for beginners and advanced

For safe use, it is suitable to train children to wakeboard

Suitable for entertainment with inflatable wheels

For winter is designed to master winter skating inventories (snowboards and skis)

Can be installed both in the open waters and pool-track

We install the pool-track in any flat location of your choice


Galvanised steel 2 or 4 arrows construction
Up to four people wakeboarding or wakeskiing at one time
Arrows height up to 7.4m, skating diameter 14m
Automatic and manual operation
Remote control
Stretching speeds up to 35 km/h
Conforms to the LST EN 13814:2005 standard
Minimum dimensions of the water body from 20m × 20m
Water body depth from 0.5m to 2m
Pool-track diameter 8m, outer diameter 14-20m
Pool-track depth from 0, 5m to 1, 5m